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Types of Services

Just as we remember our loved ones as unique individuals, the variety of options for funeral services allow families to tailor services to meet their wishes.


Completely at the discretion of the family, viewing and spending time with the body of our loved one is a way of honoring the transition from life to death and saying our last goodbyes. For many, the opportunity to see their loved one a final time allows them truly to begin to acknowledge the reality of death.

Embalming is a familiar and standard part of funerals in North America, and the process temporarily preserves the body so family and friends have more time to gather and visit the deceased. The process is necessary in the case of a public viewing, but is optional otherwise. Our funeral directors will gladly answer any questions that you may have about the subject.

A visitation can be incorporated into any type of funeral service. Often it will take place the evening before a traditional funeral mass or ceremony, but can also be held in the morning before the funeral. The visitation also presents the family with an opportunity to personalize the service to represent the special qualities of the person who died and consider his or her passions, hobbies, and pastimes with photographs and paraphernalia.

Funeral Mass and Religious Services

Faith and Culture play a prominent role in the type of funeral ceremony, and family and ethnic traditions often dictate their own variations upon the funeral. With over 30 years experience in the Valley, we have worked closely with all the area churches and cemeteries for many years. Regardless of whether the family desires to have a funeral mass or ceremony in church, a service here at the funeral home, or even directly at the cemetery, we can accommodate their wishes.

Again, we encourage all families to personalize the funeral ceremony to honor their loved one. We can put the family in touch with clergy and music directors to choose readings and songs that truly reflect their love for the deceased.

Memorial Service

Some families, for reasons of personal or religious beliefs, choose not to view the deceased or have the body present for a funeral service. For many of these families, a memorial service affords them the opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one. Again, we can work with the clergy or person performing the ceremony on behalf of the family and accommodate such services here in the funeral home or at a church or outside venue.

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