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Our goal is to be able to provide every family with a selection of caskets that meets their needs for personal tastes, choice of interment, and affordability, and at the same time assure them that the products they are purchasing are made to the highest standards of quality.

In our experience, making funeral arrangements for a loved one is emotional enough, and walking into a selection room full of caskets can be overwhelming. Our selection rooms are therefore designed with a combination of a small number of full sized caskets and several more “cut” caskets, segments of caskets that show the consumer the color, finish, hardware, and interior of the caskets available to them, without exposing them to a room full of full-sized caskets. Families find it easier to compare choices in this environment, and are able to make decisions that they are comfortable with long after the funeral has passed.

Caskets can be generally classified as wood or metal. Wooden caskets are available in a wide variety of species, including mahogany, cherry, oak, maple, pecan, pine, and poplar hardwood. Metal caskets are also available in a variety of options, from 20 and 18 gauge steel to stainless steel, copper, and bronze.

In addition to the choice in “materials,” more and more of the families we serve are taking advantage of new methods to personalize the casket of their loved one. From customized head panels in the casket to beautiful engravings and expressive corner options, families are easily able to create a resting place for their loved one that is uniquely their own.

As cremation continues to gain in popularity as a method of disposition, there is an increasing number of casket choices available to families that are specifically constructed for cremation. Solid Hardwood, Premium Veneer, Hardboard, and Cloth Covered Caskets, together with Basic Alternative Cremation Containers, are all available to suit the needs and wishes of the family.

A full price list of Caskets is always available from the funeral home upon request.


Most cemeteries within the surrounding area require a vault or grave liner for all earth burials. Where a grave liner is an unsealed cement container, a burial vault is a sealed and lined outer receptacle which houses the casket within the grave. Both serve to protect the casket from the weight of the earth and the heavy maintenance equipment that may pass over the grave. They help to preserve the burial plot by preventing the ground from settling.

The open vault or liner is usually set at the graveside before interment. After the funeral service, the casket is lowered into the vault. The cover will be placed over the base, sealed in the case of a vault, and the grave will be filled, compacted, and then seeded.

In addition to basic concrete construction, burial vaults are also available with stainless steel, copper, and bronze reinforcement.

A full price list of Burial Vaults is always available from the funeral home upon request.


While the choices available to families for urns is extensive, deciding what will be done with cremated remains may help you decide what type of urn to select. An urn can serve as an important focal point at a funeral or memorial service. Afterward, it can be buried in a family plot at a cemetery, placed in a niche at a mausoleum, or kept in the home. In addition, there are urn styles that are especially appropriate when scattering is chosen. Though some people choose to select an urn at the same time as other funeral or memorial arrangements are made, an urn can also be purchased at a later time.

The numerous material and design options available for urns ensures that the appropriate choice is available for everyone. From artistic Cast Acrylic Statuettes to traditional cast or sheet bronze, hand-carved species woods to solid and cultered marbles, hand-painted cloisonne to beautiful momento jewelry, we have many choices on-premises, and hundreds more available to us.

Just as families are choosing to personalize the casket of their loved one, many families are now choosing to engrave their loved one’s urn with designs and expressions of their character.

A full price list of Urns is always available from the funeral home upon request.

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