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The James Benedict Caulfield Registry

  • Dolores & family, those we hold most dear never truly leave us...they live on in the kindnesses they showed, the comfort they shared & the love they brought into our lives. We will miss that smile & soft voice. He was a great cousin & godfather.
    George & Mary Jo McCoy, John & Mary Jo Gleason, Myra Comparetta, Chick Hummer.

    Chick Hummer, 21 February 2020

  • I extend condolences to Jim’s family...he was one of Norwich’s greatest baseball ;players and, later in life, an outstanding coach and educator in the state’s technical school system...I will add him to my prayer list...

    dennis riley, 14 February 2020

  • To the Caulfield Family,
    My Condolences on the passing of Mr Caulfield.
    Prayers that the many memories will live with you forever!
    My memories are if my father talking of Mr Caulfield as he taught with him at Norwich Tech and of Mrs. who I believe was the School Nurse at the time. They both were dear to my father Phil Skinner.
    May God Bless you
    Alan Skinner

    Alan Skinner, 14 February 2020

  • Deloris and Jackie, my heart goes out to you to sustain in
    This terrible time. We had many many great times together which I cherish always
    My deepest condolences.
    Unfortunately I am in Arizona and can”t be with.you but you are in my prayers.

    Marc Vincent

    Marc Vincent, 13 February 2020

  • He was a great friend and he will be missed.
    Many happy golf sessions with “Ceco”
    Sorry I am unable to attend servces.

    Louis Peccerillo, 13 February 2020

  • My condolences go out to the family of Jim and his many, many friends. I new the Ceco kid for 40+ years and enjoyed many good times with him. Because of health reasons, I am unable to attend the viewing or the mass on Saturday, but I will be with all of you in spirit and prayers. May he rest in peace.

    Paul L Wineland
    Orange, CT

    Paul Wineland, 13 February 2020

  • My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Mr. Caulfield’s family during this very difficult time. I graduated from Norwich Technical High School in 1961 and played on the baseball & basketball teams that Mr. Caulfield coached.

    Mr. Caulfield was an outstanding coach and he knew as much about the game of baseball as did any Major League manager. He had a way of teaching his players the right way to do things and inspiring his players to achieve a level of skill far beyond their natural talents. More importantly he was the best role model and mentor that any teenager could have ever asked for. I can only hope that he realized how many of his students and players he impacted in a very, very positive way.

    I was lucky enough to work summer’s in the late 50’s & early 60’s in the Pro’s shop at The Norwich Golf Course and so I was able to enjoy seeing Mr. Caulfield all summer when he first took up the game of golf and became a member at the club– in just a few months he was consistently breaking 80.

    In the summer evenings Mr. Caulfield played baseball in the Norwich Men’s Baseball League which was comprised of the best players in eastern CT and included many former AAA players. My brothers and I would go to watch all of his teams’ games. He was an outstanding catcher and made some unbelievable catches of foul balls – sometimes diving and landing flat on his stomach and sometimes ended up running into a dugout to make the catch – but he always hung onto the ball. No runner’s dared attempting stealing second base on his strong and accurate arm.

    I’ve said much about Mr. Caulfield’s athletic ability but his real legacy is that he was a gentleman, a leader, and just a really great guy, and a good human being.

    I lost track of Mr. Caulfield over the years but the fond memories of him as a teacher, coach, and player were, and are still, in my memory often.

    Doug Montie, 12 February 2020

  • We are so saddened by the passing of your precious James. Words simply cannot convey our feelings for you.
    God Bless and keep you all in the palm of His hands.
    Sheila Gamble, Tara, Lily and Jeff

    Sheila Gamble, 12 February 2020

  • sorry to hear about your loss i had mr caufield as a teacher at tech in 1960 he came to are first reuion i will tell the class at the next reuion in july jery rubin

    jerry rubin, 12 February 2020

  • To The Caulfield Family,

    My condolences on the passing of our former director. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Buzzy Schilkowski
    Class of 1973 - Carpentry
    Emmett O’Brien Technical School

    Buzzy Schilkowski, 11 February 2020

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