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The Audrey Susan Spictzler Registry

  • Aud was my niece. But more than that she was my friend! As well as the many good times spent with her involving her famous potato salad, we spent many enjoyable hours going to tag sales, working together at the church White Elephant sales, and always laughing.

    We helped each other moving, emptying apartments, planning showers, etc. We were always there for each other no matter what.
    I will always miss and love you, and fondly remember all our times together no matter what they were.

    Aunt Jul

    Julia Lewis, 10 January 2020

  • When I met Audrey, I was in high school. Her son was dating my best friend. I was more than just allowed to attend family picnics, I was welcomed as one of the family. I loved Audrey’s attitude - a bit of sass mixed with the loving warmth she had for those around her. Though many of the details of our conversations have faded, I will always remember the love for family and friends.

    Her personality, commitment to family, and her loving heart will be remembered forever. She will be greatly missed by those who had the good fortune to know her. 

    Elaine Witalis, 06 January 2020

  • Audrey Spictzler – and to those who knew and loved her. Aud, at one time a loving wife, and always a loving mother, grandmother, sister, niece, and friend. There were some trying times in Aud’s life, but she always maintained that great sense of humor and enjoyed a good laugh.

    I will always remember the wonderful holiday cookouts we had at Aud’s home and backyard on Allyndale Drive in Stratford. Aud’s potato salad was so delicious and to this day remains the best I’ve ever eaten. I was so enthralled by Aud’s tasty potato salad that I was compelled to compose and print on my computer a “special certificate and AWARD FOR THE WORLD’S GREATEST POTATO SALAD!”

    Aud, dear niece, we will always love you and remember you. As you look down upon, as we gather to mourn and remember you, you are having a much-deserved rest in a very peaceful place. We will meet again someday. Uncle Gordy

    Gordon Lewis, 06 January 2020

  • Aunt Aud was truly one of a kind. She was fun & generous & always made anyone who came to her home feel welcome. One of my favorite memories of Aunt Aud are the family get-togethers on Allyndale Drive. Whether it was Thanksgiving with all of us gathered around the dining room table or picnics in the summer, the house would always be filled with laughter & great food. She hosted my bridal shower at her house, always saved extra nut cups for me & made THE best potato salad in the world! She will be greatly missed but always remembered with love & fond memories.

    Jan Beirne, 06 January 2020

  • My fondest memories of Aunt Audy, is being like a second mother to me when I was a little boy. She was always very nurturing to me. I remember also going to her house for Thanksgiving every year, and how sweet she was to me. She was also encouraging, always trying to help me to stay on the straight and narrow when I would start to doubt myself or start to stray off the right path. My fondest memory is when my Mom (Donna) and Aunt Audy came to South Carolina for my graduation from boot camp 1989. They were looking for me, and I came up behind them, they both so happy to see me, hugged me and started crying. They both were so proud of me. My mom, Donna, was always Audy’s “Little Sissy” and they were very close. We lost my Mom earlier this year, and now they are together once again. Love you Aunt Aud.

    Brian Dunford, 06 January 2020

  • I will always remember my Great Aunt Audrey, from when she worked at the Moose Club. I would go there with my mother and grandmother. I remember whenever we would go there, she always made me feel special. She would sit me at the bar to have a soda, even when I was not supposed too, and telling other people to not bother me! I remember going to the Easter and Christmas parties at the Moose Club, they were a lot of fun.

    Cassie Dunford, 06 January 2020

  • I remember Aunt Audrey, as kind and funny. As I was growing up with my brothers and would go to her house for a visit, she always made sure we were okay, felt welcomed, and always had something to eat. She was a character, always cracking jokes to make people laugh. Some jokes were funny, some were not, but that did not stop her from trying. She was a pistol and a firecracker at that. I remember Aunt Audrey helping my mom (Donna Florence) with throwing my baby shower when I was expecting my daughter Cassie. She was headstrong and determined to make sure everything was perfect! And if it wasn’t, heads were going to roll! She helped with the decorations, the food, and even had her daughter-in-law (Doreen) create the shower cake. I also remember her as being a very proud Grandma to Andrew and Andrea. She was always so happy and excited about what they were doing and how far they had come. Love you Aunt Audrey and will miss you very much!

    Billiejo Dunford, 06 January 2020

  • Ma / Grandma Audrey…
    In loving Memory of Jim’s Mom.

    In the spirit of the holidays, I believe we were supposed to hear a bell ring, for today a very special Angel received her wings.

    A single bell I did not hear, however, I reflect back to last night. As I returned home from work, oddly, I had pulled the car too far in. I could not walk in front of the car to get to the door and was forced to circle around to the back. I also did not close the garage door before I got out of the car as I would normally do. I could hear the chapel bells playing. I paused and thought oh how beautiful they sounded and that they were quite far from here that I should be able to hear them so clearly? Jim always loves the sound of the Church Bell Chimes. They make him feel at peace. Now it is clear why I was made to hear them. A simple chime from one bell could not respectfully honor such an event as what was to happen today. No worries Ma, I will comfort him. Though your wings were ready, our hearts were not.

    I want to recite the words from a plaque we gave to you, oh so many years ago. Though it was aged, it was still proudly mounted on your wall for over 30 years:

    What is a Mother… A Mother is a treasured gift of love that’s deep and true… You know she’s always standing by, to guide and comfort you. A Mother, with unfailing strength, can keep you safe from harm… And yet, you feel the softness of her gentle grace and charm. A Mother gives encouragement with wisdom and a smile…She understands your hopes and dreams, and makes them seem worthwhile… A mother’s always in your heart wherever you may go… She’s part of everything you do, that’s why you love her so.

    Ma, we are thankful for the time and smiles that we shared. We will celebrate your love and life. We will measure that life in loving memories and treasured moments that will never fade away. We hope you find your smile again and that twinkle in your eyes shines bright. All the pain and suffering are gone and you have now found peace. Hope you are indulging on your guilty pleasures of chocolate covered cherries and drinking Arbor Mist with Sprite! You will remain a treasure within our hearts and therefore never far apart. Give our love to Grandma Dunford, Donna, Nancy and Matty when you meet them at the Pearly Gates. Love you forever and a day!

    Doreen Macaulay, 03 January 2020

  • My lasting memory of Audrey will always be her gift of gab and laughter over a delicious meal she had just prepared or enjoying a beautiful family milestone celebration she would graciously host. Always the hostess with the mostess! Sharing her home and heart with all of us. From my youth loving her homemade spaghetti sauce., to my tween years loving her sweet treats she made to go with our tea and coffee, and to every adult holiday after, no matter how far the miles, poppy bread and nutcups made the day complete...Always in my heart my dear sister..love you always and forever

    Lawrey Adams, 03 January 2020

  • I will always remember first and foremost my Aunt Audi’s belly laugh that could even make the grumpiest person smile. My mother and her loved to get together to talk about important family stuff and nothing at all At the same time. I loved how they got along and were so extremely close, always. I will never forget that during the holidays Aunt Audi always made sure to have walnuts and eggnog out just for me...I still love both treats and it’s because of her. I am so sad that Aunt Audi has left us but feel at peace knowing she is with my mom, who also left us this year. I’m hoping they, who called each other “Sissy”, are enjoying their coffees, Entenmann’s treats, laughs, and togetherness.

    Robert Booska, 03 January 2020

  • Audrey was always there to help out for a cookout. She made great potato salad! She would crack jokes and always had a great big smile. I remember helping her move once, and almost had her refrigerator fall down the stairs on me. I remember her kidding me, remarking about how maybe next, time, I might consider having the guys do that?! I also remember her work at the Moose Lodge in Stratford, and kidding with all who was there. I will miss her.

    Jeanne Schroer - Smalley, 03 January 2020

  • I was not fortunate enough to be included in Audrey’s family until the early 1980’s when her son, Jim, and my daughter, Doreen, met and became “High School Sweethearts”. Their relationship grew over time and blossomed into the love affair that every parent wishes for their child. Soon there was talk of an upcoming wedding, and Audrey, as was her way, opened her heart and her home, welcoming us. Audrey always had a way of making you feel welcome and at ease. She always had room for one more at any and all occasions in which she was involved. Being the two “Mothers-in-Law” could have been tense, but I never felt that in any way. Over the years, We settled into a comfortable friendship, often with us off in a corner talking and laughing at all the things going on around us. It was always fun to see the expressions on her face and listen to the banter that went on between her and Jim and Doreen at the many get- togethers throughout the years. There was a closeness between Audrey, Andrew, and Andrea that was rare in some modern families and was a joy to see. They enjoyed spending time together and their bond was very strong. She was the best baby-sitter around when her grandchildren were small and she was always available to help in any way she could later on in their lives. She was a “Proud Grandma” and was always there to help celebrate each of Andrew’s and Andrea’s achievements as they were completed, a fact that meant the world to them both.

    Even when some health issues threatened to slow her down a little, she still kept her sense of humor. I can still see her shaking her cane at Jim and threatening to bop him in response to some remark he had made. There was always some kind of joke to laugh at when we all got together, and when we think about her in the future, that same laughter will be there again and will bring us all back to those times, so we can enjoy them again and again. Audrey was one of those people who blessed or seemed to improve the lives of all the people she touched. But then, I knew she would be, having met her son so many years ago. She will be missed, and remembered with love.

    Carole Hitzler, 03 January 2020

  • I am very saddened to hear of your loss, accept my warm and heartfelt sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief.

    Maria Rodriguez, 02 January 2020

  • Father,
    You hold time within your hands, and see it all, from beginning to end. Please keep and carry these precious people in their sadness and loss. Cover them with your great wings of love, give their weary hearts rest and their minds sound sleep. Lord, lift their eyes so that they may catch a glimpse of eternity, and be comforted by the promise of heaven.
    We ask all this in the precious name of Jesus.

    Sharon Van Starrenburg, 01 January 2020

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